Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer in a Nutshell

Um, where the heck did summer go?? Since I have not posted anything in 2 months, you would think we had a busy, busy summer. We stayed on the go but it was mostly at the pool and the lake. Karlee has just taken off with her swimming this summer. She has not worn her puddle jumper but a handful of times and is diving off the diving board all by herself!!

Here are a few pictures from our summer at the lake.

We continued our Funday Mondays most weeks where the girls got to pick what we did on Mondays. Most of the fundays involved coloring or painting. We even colored sandpaper one week and made tshirts with their art.

By far the most loved funday activity was making jewelry with beads. I was a little hesitant to let Madelyn join in on this activity with the small beads but she LOVED it! I LOVED it too because this activity guaranteed me at least an hour of quiet time where both girls sat in one spot and barely made a sound. That is EXTREMELY rare in this house!

Another funday activity that the girls enjoyed was sheet painting. We have more crib sheets than any household I know so I decided to put one to some fun use. I cut the elastic band off the edges so the sheet would lie flat. I used packing tape to tape it to the driveway so it wouldn't come up when they stepped on it with sticky painted feet. I poured paint onto plates and let them have at it. I even had a turn in the paint with my feet too!

We took the girls to the beach for the July 4th week but I will save that for a post of it's own. Chip and I even escaped to the beach a few weeks ago for a little weekend getaway without kids. My parents took Karlee to the beach with them for a week so Chip and I got to snuggle with Madelyn all by herself. Madelyn gets to go next summer when she is out of diapers. My dad doesn't do diapers on vacation!! That's pretty much our summer in a nutshell!!

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